The Process

I know buying something that you haven't seen yet can be kind of intimidating, especially if you have never had anything custom made before. Here is a little bit about my process and what to expect if you decide to work with me.

What To Expect

1. A formal consultation in person, or by email takes place.

  • This is a meeting at which we will get to know each other and talk about what you want.
  • I will take your measurements if you visit in person.
  • We won't necessarily come up with a final design by the end of our first meeting.

2. Some tips on helping me design your outfit:

  • Nail down what is most important to you. Color? Silhouette? Fabric?
  • Online research and watching period dramas or movies may help you to get inspired.
  • Any good images you can find will be helpful in aiding me to understand what you want.
  • If you're at a loss, pictures of what you don't want can sometimes be a good start!
  • You must determine how much you are willing to spend. Budget restrictions go a long way in determining how complex an outfit we design and the fabrics and trims we will use.

3. Finalizing the design

  • I will read back to you what you've told me to make, either through notes or drawings or both.
  • Design alterations can still be made at this point. I will revise the sketches based upon your feedback.
  • When we have a final design and fabric choice, I will establish an exact quote for you.
  • When everything is acceptable, we will both sign a written specification for your costume/corset detailing exactly what I'll be making and how much it is going to cost.

4. Making your outfit

  • An installment of 25% the final price will be required in order to begin production.
  • There will usually be at least two fittings done during the course of production. The first will help me to perfect the fit of our pattern. The second fitting is normally near the end of production and is for checking final details.
  • The number of fittings and the time taken to complete the corset/costume will depend on the complexity of our design. As every design is unique, the number of fittings will not necessarily be predictable in advance, but any extra fittings I need to do with you will be included in the price we've agreed.

5. Completion and delivery

  • When your corset/costume is complete, we will both sign a final document certifying that the corset has been handed over.
  • The final payment will be due either prior to delivery or at the time of collection.