Basic corset Features

All of my corsets are hand drafted and made using over 20 of your specific measurements for the perfect fit.  I have many options and styles depending on how you would like to use your corset.  My corsets are made to enhance your curves while making your waist anywhere from 2-7" smaller. I understand that a corset for a burlesque performer will need to function differently than someone who is using the corset for tight-lacing and can suggest style that will work best for you and your body type.

All basic corsets include the following:

  • 12-14 shaped panels made using three layers of fabric: fashion, interlining and coutil lining
  • A combination of spiral and flat steel, so no plastic thats warps and becomes mis-shaped
  • A front and back modesty panel, to cover any unsightly back cleavage and protect your skin from the laces
  • 2 part nickel plated heavy duty grommets
  • Waist tape to reinforce the shape of the corset and add extra strength where it is needed most
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Custom made bias binding
  • Ample corset lacing ribbon

Basic corset Features

This is where things get fun! There are endless ways to customize your corset to fit your every whim and desire. Here are some of the options I offer, but for more ideas please feel free to email me to set up a design consultation.

  • Choice of style, under-bust, over-bust and wast cincher are the most popular
  • Choice of length, a long hip line allows for the best shaping of hips and tummy control, while a shorter line allows for more freedom of movement
  • Choose the design of the top and bottom lines, pointed, rounded and straight across are some of the more popular options
  • There are a couple of options for a front closure. I highly recommend a steel busk if the corset it to be worn for tight-lacing or any wast reduction over 2". I also understand the need to have a quicker smoother exit for performers so I also offer heavy duty metal zipper as another option.
  • Choosing a fabric is the easiest way to personalize your corset. I have over 50 swatches of silk Dupioni to choose from or bring in your own pre-approved fabric.
  • Add lace or trim or request bias binding and exposed bone channels in an accenting color.